Moldova is the "well-kept secret of Europe". The small country offers brilliant tourism sights and exciting investment options.

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  • Surface Area


Moldova is also home to the most extensive wine cellar; the Mileștii Mici is over 200 km long. Moldova has signed free-trade agreements with more countries than any other country in Europe with which it has close ties. This is a jewel country to be discovered and enjoyed!
  • Largest City


  • Official Language

    Romanian (Russian spoken by many and English widely practiced )

  • Currency

    Moldovan leu

  • Climate

    Moderately continental

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  • Capital


  • Religion

    Eastern Orthodox Church

  • Visa-Free travel to

    121 countries without visa or visa upon arrival

Advantages of Citizenship by Investment in Moldova

  • Moldova is a UN Member State and a candidate for EU membership.
  • Holders of the Moldavian passport can travel visa-free in 121 countries, the Schengen zone, Russia and Turkey as well.
  • Family members also obtain citizenship with the investor (not only spouse and children but including the dependent adult children and parents).
  • Moldova offers the lowest investment threshold in exchange for citizenship among the European countries with citizenship by investment schemes.
  • The naturalization process takes only 90 days.
Moldova By Citizenship

Who can become a citizen of Moldova through investment?

  • The primary applicant as the investor
  • Spouse
  • Underage children
  • Parents older than 55 years
  • The adult children up to the age of 29

Investment options for the Moldavian citizenship

  • Contribution option
  • Primary applicant: 100,000 EUR
  • Couple (primary applicant + spouse): 115,000 EUR
  • A family of four: 145,000 EUR
  • For families of five or more: 155,000 EUR

Additional official fees during the process of obtaining the citizenship of Moldova through investment

Government fee

35,000 EUR, it is a non-refundable fee, without any restrictions on the number of applicants (investor + family members)

Due Diligence

Primary applicant: 6,000 EUR
Additional family members over 16 years old: 5,000 EUR
Passport issuance fee/applicant: 300 EUR

  • Passport and ID card copies
  • Birth certificate
  • Clean Police Conduct
  • Certificate of marriage
  • Proof of source of the invested funds