Who is Behind KayHan Swiss?

My name is Hangama Wanner, Founder & Managing Partner of KayHan Swiss.

I was very young when we had to flee from Kabul, Afghanistan in the 80’s.

After a journey filled with hardship, fear and struggle, I was fortunate to be raised and educated in Western Europe. It’s this experience, as well as having lived in Switzerland for many years that has shown me, first hand, how valuable personal freedom through citizenship and residency can be to somebody’s life.


I have also learnt the hard way, what it can take in terms of patience and devotion to realize such freedoms. Through my citizenships, I am now allowed to move, work and invest freely across the globe.

That’s why I established KayHan Swiss. I want to provide my clients with the light at the end of the tunnel! To share these freedoms and feelings of hope that I experienced. I provide people with solutions and choices, giving them the same possibilities and leading to a new destiny, a better future that they choose for themselves.


My personal experience, coupled with my professional background in capital markets and international finance, and my team of world class experts on the banking, investment, legal and administrative side, gives me a unique perspective to identify the most appropriate and sustainable worldwide citizenship and / or residency solutions for my clients, as well as most efficient solutions in Switzerland.


“KayHan” means cosmos or universe in Persian.

I wanted something that would symbolize the wonders that you can access, and all the possibilities available within it.

These wonders are there for you through citizenship and residency by investment.

As a result, I’m uniquely positioned to help you to access the wonders of Switzerland, with all the services an investor, an entrepreneur, a family, a young student or anyone that wants to experience the benefits available in one of the most affluent, yet hardest to access, countries in the world.

Diversity is what creates opportunity in today's world

What if you had the chance to create your own opportunities, and give you and your family the safety, security and lifestyle you all deserve?

Many citizenship-seekers are looking for the benefits that an alternative or extra passport may provide.

If you’re considering a dual citizenship or residency it’s likely because you want to improve your family’s safety and quality of life, safeguard your assets, and gain access to the best health care and educational opportunities.

As well as this, you may want an alternate or additional passport for tax optimization, greater banking privacy and visa-free travel that it offers; a valuable investment for your future.

Most people that could attain a dual citizenship or residency simply don’t know where to start. When you’re in the dark, you don’t see anything. However, you only need the smallest bit of light to see the way.


KayHan Swiss creates this light, shining it where you want to go and guiding you on the right path to a new life of freedom.


Tell us your story and see how we can guide you to a new chapter in your life.

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