Who is Behind KayHan Swiss?

I know from first-hand experience how precious citizenship and residency rights truly are.

I never forgot our family’s life-changing journey from Kabul (Afghanistan) to Western Europe in the 1980s when we had no other choice but to flee.

Following what felt like an endless perilous obstacle course, I survived to tell this tale of gratitude for a life I could have never dreamt of in my country of origin.

Truth being told, I am grateful for my family’s sheer determination to ensure that I would be raised and educated in a part of the world which would allow me to be safe and ultimately, free.


This unforgettable experience and my subsequent life in Switzerland are constant reminders of the fact that personal freedom resulting from citizenship and residency rights should be treasured and never be taken for granted.

It inspired me to establish KayHan Swiss, a niche consultancy which aims to provide clients with tangible solutions allowing them to make fully informed choices; thereby creating opportunities for them to take their fate in their own hands and be the masters of their destiny.


My personal experience and professional expertise in capital markets and international finance combined with my team of world-class specialists in banking, investment, legal and administrative related matters means KayHan Swiss is in a unique position to accurately identify the most appropriate and sustainable citizenship and/or residency solutions as well as the most efficient Swiss-based wealth management and corporate solutions for its clients.


Services can be provided in English, French, German, Hindi, Persian and Spanish.


“KayHan” means cosmos or universe in Persian.

I wanted something that would symbolize the wonders that you can access, and all the possibilities available within it.

These wonders are there for you through citizenship and residency by investment.

As a result, I’m uniquely positioned to help you to access the wonders of Switzerland, with all the services an investor, an entrepreneur, a family, a young student or anyone that wants to experience the benefits available in one of the most affluent, yet hardest to access, countries in the world.

Diversity is what creates opportunity in today's world

What if you had the chance to create your own opportunities, and give you and your family the safety, security and lifestyle you all deserve?

Many citizenship-seekers are looking for the benefits that an alternative or extra passport may provide.

If you’re considering a dual citizenship or residency it’s likely because you want to improve your family’s safety and quality of life, safeguard your assets, and gain access to the best health care and educational opportunities.

As well as this, you may want an alternate or additional passport for tax optimization, greater banking privacy and visa-free travel that it offers; a valuable investment for your future.

Most people that could attain a dual citizenship or residency simply don’t know where to start. When you’re in the dark, you don’t see anything. However, you only need the smallest bit of light to see the way.


KayHan Swiss creates this light, shining it where you want to go and guiding you on the right path to a new life of freedom.


Tell us your story and see how we can guide you to a new chapter in your life.

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