Lord Byron described Montenegro as “the most beautiful meeting of land and sea on this planet”.

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    This European mini-state harbors crystal-clear waters and white-blonde sand, yet surprisingly fewer tourists than its Adriatic neighbors such as Croatia. The Mediterranean country attracts investors because of its business-focused economic system and a low corporate tax rate.
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    • Visa-Free travel to

      124 countries without visa or visa upon arrival

    Advantages of Montenegro Citizenship by Investment

    • Montenegro plans to join the EU in 2025, passport holders of Montenegro will become citizens of the European Union
    • Visa-free entry in 124 countries, access to the Schengen area, Russia, Turkey.
    • Montenegro offers citizenship solution for the whole family.
    • Montenegro is a European low-tax jurisdiction; it offers tax exemption on foreign sourced income. No gifts/inheritance tax and no fiscal burden on payments from life or property insurance.
    Montenegro By Citizenship

    Who can become a citizen of Montenegro through investment?

    Under one investment (one application the following family members may receive the Montenegro passport by investment:

    • The investor (primary applicant)
    • The spouse
    • Children up to age 18

    Requirements for the applicants to qualify for the Montenegrin passport scheme

    • Only non-EU citizens may apply for the citizenship of Montenegro through the investment program.
    • The applicants must prove the origin of the investment funds.
    • The candidates cannot be subject of individual sanctions or prohibited to enter Canada, the EU, the UK and the USA.
    • Only investors with a clean criminal record certificate may apply. Besides, there shouldn’t be any legal cases against them
    • The applicant must be in good health
    • Credit history and business reputation are required

    1 – Real estate investment in the northern part of Montenegro

    • Contribution to the state: 100,000 EUR
    • Purchase or investment into government approved real estate developments in the Northern part of the country: 250,000 EUR

    2 – Real estate investment in the southern part of Montenegro and the capital city (Podgorica)

    • Contribution to the state: 100,000 EUR
      Purchase or investment into government approved real estate developments in the Southern part of the country or in the capital city of Podgorica: 450,000 EUR
      The process of Montenegro citizenship by investment program
    • The applicant and the family members apply for the permanent residence permit. This process takes 60 days.
      The investor can apply six months later for citizenship after receiving the resident status.