Paraguay Residency by Investment Programme (SUACE)

Paraguay offers the most affordable residency by investment programme of the world. Meanwhile, Paraguay is one of the most secure South American countries, with beautiful nature and the country develops very fast with the lowest tax in the Mercosur.

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    • Population


    • Surface Area


    • Largest City


    • Official Language

      Spanish, Guaraní

    • Currency

      Paraguayan Guaraní

    • Climate


    • GDP Per Capita

      4,365.53 USD

    • Capital


    • Religion

      Roman Catholicism

    • Visa-Free travel to

      Paraguayan citizens can enter in 143 countries visa-free

    Advantages of the Paraguay Permanent Residency Programme (SUACE)

    • You can use this option if you need an entry-visa in Paraguay.
    • You can become a resident of Paraguay in less than two months.
    • You can travel in the Mercosur countries (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile,Ecuador, etc.) without a visa with your ID card.
    • Foreign sourced income is tax exempt in Paraguay, and the income tax is only 10% for local income.
    • You don't have to prove that you have the necessary funds for the investment, you don't have to bring the funds in Paraguay or invest before you become a permanent resident.
    • You can become a citizen after three years only.
    • You can maintain your Paraguayan resident status if you visit the country once every three years.
    Paraguay By Citizenship

    There are no restricted countries. However, those applicants who need an entry visa in Paraguay can get it only by a registered invitation letter. These letters are mainly issued for investors and not for tourists; it is not allowed to apply for the Paraguayan residency under a tourist visa. Another critical reason to use the SUACE (Sistema Unificado de Apertura y Cierre de Empresas – Unified Company Forming and Closing System) is to get the Paraguayan Residence permit faster together with a company to do business in Paraguay.

    Investment option for the Paraguay Permanent Residency

    • The minimum amount of investment is 70,000 USD. However, the investor
      has ten years to spend this amount.
    • The prove of investment is that the applicant forms a company with a
      capital of minimum 70,000 USD (not paid up) and pays to the state 2%
      capital fee.
    • You can invest in your business, in all sectors.
    • Birth certificate
    • Clean Police Certificate (no criminal record)
    • Certificate of Marriage or Divorce (if applies).