UK Tier1 Entrepreneur Visa

United-Kingdom is always an alluring immigration destination.

  • Population


  • Surface Area

    242,495 km2

Stable democracy and a wealthy nation with the best schools and health care system is welcoming wealthy entrepreneurs and investors. The UK is currently negotiating it’s exit from the EU after a referendum in June 2016.
  • Largest City


  • Official Language


  • Currency


  • Climate

    The overall climate in England is called temperate maritime.

  • GDP Per Capita

    39,720 USD

  • Capital


  • Religion

    Official religion is Christianity

  • Visa-Free travel to

    164 countries without visa or visa upon arrival

Advantages of the UK Tier1 Entrepreneur Visa

  • The applicants and their family members (spouse, minor children) have the right to live, work and study in the United Kingdom.
  • The Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa's entry threshold is ten times smaller than the minimum amount of investment for the Tier 1 Investor Visa.

    It is the more affordable way for foreigners to seek the resident status of the UK through a business set-up.

  • The applicant can stay as a passive partner or can be active or combine the two types of businesses.
  • After maintaining the resident status for five years, the applicant can become a permanent resident and a citizen of the United Kingdom.
  • Holders of the UK passport can enter in 164 countries visa-free.
UK By Citizenship
  • The necessary amount of money to start your business in the UK is 200,000 GBP.
  • You have to confirm your intention to start a business in the UK.
  • You must prove that you can communicate fluently in English.

Investment types of the UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

  • You can invest in an existing business.
  • Under this option, the process is slightly more straightforward because you don’t have to prove, that your business idea will be profitable. If you invest in an already existing business, it is wise to find with our help an investment, which corresponds with your professional experience to facilitate to prove the real intent.
  • You can create a new business.
  • You must select business as the target of your investment. It can be a new idea or an existing company. The business activity must include correspondence with your academic degrees and professional experience.
  • You must prepare all the necessary documents.
  • The hardest part of this UK residency by investment programme is to prove to the seriousness of the application.
  • You can become a UK resident through buying shares of a company. It is essential to find the best solution, the reliable investment targets and favorable conditions.