Vanuatu is made up of roughly 80 tropical paradise islands that stretches to 1,300 kilometers.

  • Population


  • Surface Area


Vanuatu is also home of several untapped investment possibilities, and its Vanuatu investor visa’ immigration scheme is the most affordable one amongst all programmes. It’s main objective is to create jobs, stimulate the economy and maintain a balanced national budget.
  • Largest City

    Port Vila

  • Official Language

    French, Bislama, English

  • Currency

    Vanuatu vatu

  • Climate


  • GDP Per Capita


  • Capital

    Port Vila

  • Religion


  • Visa-Free travel to

    129 countries without visa or visa upon arrival

Advantages of Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment

  • Citizens of Vanuatu can enter 129 countries visa-free

    Including EU countries, Schengen zone, Ireland, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Caribbean, UK and most Commonwealth countries. Holders of the Vanuatu passport may also visit Australia with a special e-visa.

  • There is no income, wealth or inheritance tax in Vanuatu.
  • The applicants can obtain the citizenship and passport of Vanuatu without a personal visit.
  • Vanuatu currently offers the most affordable citizenship programme.
  • To become a citizen of Vanuatu and receive the passport, it only takes 7-8 weeks.
Vanuatu By Citizenship

Who can apply for the citizenship of Vanuatu?

  • Any investor with a clean criminal record
  • Perpetual travelers and digital nomads
    Stateless person
  • Applicants, who are renouncing their citizenship

Fee structure of the contribution option for the citizenship of Vanuatu

  • Primary investor: 80,000 USD
  • Investor and spouse: 100,000 USD
  • Investor, spouse, and two underage children: 130,000 USD
  • For adult dependents: 10,000 USD/person
  • Application form(s)
  • Copy of passport (certified)
  • Copy of ID card (certified)
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Birth certificate
  • Non-criminal record certificate
  • School Degrees
  • Medical certificate
  • Proof of the necessary assets and funds
  • Resume (Curriculum Vitae)
  • Reference letter from workplace
  • Six passport photos

The process of Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program

  • Due Diligence
  • Pre-approval
  • Payment
  • Review of the Citizenship Commission, Screening Committee
  • Approval
  • The Citizenship Commission issues an Agreement in Principle
  • The Applicant takes the Oath and receives the Certificate of Vanuatu Citizenship and the Vanuatu passport.