Switzerland Residency Programme

Switzerland, known for its banking, watches, chocolates and beautiful tourism regions, is a European dream country to live and work in. The quality of life is higher than expected.

  • Population


  • Surface Area


The schools and the health care system are famous for their excellency. Switzerland's developed financial and commercial sector offers a stable but still low-tax system in the heart of the Schengen area, though the country is not an EU Member State. It is also home to many international organizations.
  • Largest City


  • Official Language

    German, French, Italian and Romansh.

  • Currency

    Swiss franc - CHF

  • Climate

    Temperate climatic zone

  • GDP Per Capita

    80,189 USD

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  • Religion

    Around two-thirds of the population are either Roman Catholic or Protestant

  • Visa-Free travel to

    165 countries without visa or visa upon arrival

Advantages of Switzerland Residency

  • The residence permit allows you to live in Switzerland and visit all States in the Schengen area.
  • The primary applicant may obtain the Swiss residence permit with the spouse and underage children.
  • Stable, safe and wealthy country.
  • Temporary residents of Switzerland may also obtain the permanent residence permit and later the citizenship of Switzerland.
  • Beneficial tax system.
Switzerland By Citizenship

Swiss residency through registering a company

  • The applicant must register a Swiss company (joint stock company)
  • The company must have innovative character and include an investment of one to six million Swiss francs (CHF).
  • The applicant must create jobs.
  • The applicant will be the director with a labor contract as an employed person in Switzerland.
  • The applicant must prove that he or she has all the necessary qualifications and experience to manage the company. (It is a critical requisite because local companies can only employ foreigners if there are no available professionals for the task).

Swiss residency through tax agreement (flat-tax or lump-sum taxation option)

  • The applicant must sign an agreement with the local tax authorities in one of the Swiss cantons.
  • The applicant doesn’t have to invest in any Swiss business operation.
  • The payable amount of tax is fixed and calculated from the living costs of the resident.
  • On the federal level, the amount of tax ranges from 200,000 CHF to 1 million CHF per year.

Necessary documents during the process of obtaining the Swiss residence through registering a company

  • Passport
  • Two color photographs
  • A detailed CV
  • A valid health insurance policy
  • Legal address
  • A business plan, a description of the planned activity and a budget for your company
  • The proof of that a search for labor in the local and European market is unsuccessful
  • The copy of the labor contract and diplomas/certificates/other degrees attesting that the applicant has the qualifying education, experience, and sufficient qualifications
  • Clean Police record

Necessary documents during the process of obtaining the Swiss residence permit through tax agreement

  • Passport
  • Two color photographs
  • The filled-out and signed application form
  • The proof of residential address in Switzerland
  • Clean police record
  • A valid health insurance policy
  • Detailed CV
  • The statement that the applicant will not do business within Switzerland
  • The signed agreement with the tax administration