Residency in Malta

Malta is a beautiful and unique Mediterranean island nation of the EU, where the official language is English.

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    • Population


    • Surface Area


    Low in taxes, Malta is one of the most secure countries, the health care is excellent, and the public schools ready to enrol and educate children from different countries. The island is a very popular and highly respected amongst the residency by investment programmes.
    • Largest City

      St Paul's Bay

    • Official Language


    • Currency


    • Climate


    • GDP Per Capita

      26,393 USD

    • Capital


    • Religion


    • Visa-Free travel to

      163 countries without visa or visa upon arrival

    Advantage of Maltese Residency

    • Residency in an EU state
    • Freedom to travel, including your family in the European Union's Schengen Zone.
    • You can live permanently in Malta and enjoy the benefits of a safe and developed European country.
    • Family members can be included in the application
    • The private income derived from sources outside Malta is tax exempt.

      Malta offers excellent tax solutions for private and corporate income.

    • The process of immigration is accelerated.
    • There is no minimum time limit to spend in Malta
    • The government guaranteed the return of the entire investment after five years (the rating of Maltese bonds is "A")
    • Your investments can be financed.
    Malta By Citizenship
    • The amount of qualifying investment through the Maltese residency by investment programme is 250,000 euros in Maltese government bonds for five years.
    • The investor must also contribute 30,000 euros to the State Fund.
    • The applicants must purchase or rent a residential real estate in Malta.
    • An affidavit is necessary about the applicant’s wealth no less than 500,000 euro at the time of application.
    • Passport
    • Birth certificate
    • Certificate of marriage (if applicable)
    • Existing identity or resident cards issued by third countries
    • The obligation that other qualifying requirements will be completed
    • Medical certificate
    • Clean Maltese police certificate and clean police certificate from the state of citizenship and all countries where the applicant resided more than six months during the last ten years.
    • An affidavit of support for the dependents over the age of eighteen;
    • summary (short resume of the applicant and his/her plans in Malta)

    All documents issued in other languages than English must be translated officially.