Portugal Golden Visa Programme

The Portuguese Golden Visa is one of the most successful European residencies by investment programs, where you can also benefit from the citizenship of the EU.

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    The Portuguese Golden Visa is one of the most successful European residencies by investment programs, where you can also benefit from the citizenship of the EU.
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      Temperate maritime climate

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      165 countries without visa or visa upon arrival

    Advantages of Portugal Golden Visa Programme

    • You and your family can live in Portugal, travel and stay in the other countries of the Schengen zone.
    • To maintain the resident status in Portugal, you only have to spend seven days per year there.
    • In order to become a citizen of European Union, the Portugal's Golden Visa is the most effective residency solution by investment programme.

      If you keep the investment for the qualifying five years period, you can apply for the permanent residence permit. The permanent residents of Portugal can apply for the Portuguese citizenship; there is only a language test.

    Portugal By Citizenship
    • Capital transfer of a minimum one million EUR in Portugal
    • The real estate option is the preferred investment scheme of the applicants, most of the investors purchase residential properties in Portugal. The minimum amount of investment is 500,000 EUR, but the qualifying amount is reduced to 400,000 EUR if the property is in a “low-density area”.
    • Real estate rehabilitation option is another useful and affordable option. You must purchase a property older than 30 years for at least 350,000 EUR, but this amount is also reduced to 280,000 if the property is located in a “low-density area.”
    • The investment of minimum 350,000 EUR in a national scientific or technological research.
    • The most affordable option is “cultural investment”. You must invest at least 250,000 EUR in projects related to “the artistic production or the recovery or maintenance of the national cultural heritage”. Through this option, the investors prefer to support international movies made in Portugal.
    • You can also capitalize Portuguese companies in exchange for the residence permit by investing at least 350,000 EUR in funds.
    • The company forming option allows you to set up a Portuguese company, invest 350,000 EUR and create five permanent jobs for at least three years. If you create ten permanent jobs, you can participate in the program without a qualifying investment.

    Additional advantages during the process of obtaining the Portuguese Golden Visa

    • The target of investment can be one or more pieces of real estate bought together, provided that the total value exceeds 500,000 EUR. The property can be either residential or commercial.
    • You may pay for the real estate only after obtaining the temporary residence permit.
    • You can rent out your property because you can maintain your resident status in Portugal without physically residing there.
    • Your residence permit through the Portugal Golden Visa program is valid for five years. However, you must extend it after the first year for another two years, and then for another two years. The minimum conditions for being present in the country are no fewer than seven days in the first year, and no fewer than 14 days in each of the following two year cycles.
    • The proof of ownership of the real estate, issued by the Land Registry Office
    • A declaration that you are not in arrears to the state customs and taxation authority or the social insurance fund
    • Passport
    • The proof of address of permanent residency in your country of citizenship
    • Clean police certificate from the country of your origin and from any state where you have lived in for one year during the last five years.
    • Medical insurance
    • The signed form allowing SEF (Foreigners and Border Service) to carry out a background check

    For your family members’ applications

    • The passports for all members of the family
    • Certificate of marriage and children’s birth certificates
    • Proof that the family has residential accommodation in Portugal
    • Proof of income (minimum 12,000 euros a year for the adults and 6,000 euros per year for each child)
    • The signed declaration of good intentions by the investor that he or she will keep the investment for at least five years.