Dominica is a mountainous Caribbean paradise island nation with hot springs and tropical rainforests. 52% of the government revenue comes from the citizenship by investment programme.

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    • Population


    • Surface Area


    According to the Prime Minister, "the country’s citizenship by investment program has been literally, a lifesaver in the wake of the hurricanes".
    • Largest City


    • Official Language

      English & French

    • Currency

      Eastern Caribbean dollar

    • Climate


    • GDP Per Capita


    • Capital


    • Religion

      Roman Catholic

    • Visa-Free travel to

      137 countries without visa or visa upon arrival

    Advantages of Dominica Citizenship

    • Passport holders of Commonwealth of Dominica can travel visa-free to 137 countries

      including the Caribbean states, the UK, and Europe’s Schengen zone.

    • Citizens receive limited preferential treatment from the UK due to it’s membership of the Commonwealth
    • There is no physical residency requirement; you can obtain citizenship without the personal presence in Dominica.
    • There are no income, inheritance or wealth taxes in Dominica.
    • There is no interview during the immigration process of Dominican passport.

      However, the immigration authority may ask the applicant for an online discussion.

    • It is the fastest granted citizenship; the entire immigration process may take only two months.
    Dominica By Citizenship

    Contribution to the state option

    Direct contribution to the government, as the official and responsible authority.
    In the case of a single applicant, the amount of contribution is 100,000 USD.
    For the primary applicant and a spouse, the amount is 175,000 USD.
    For a family of four, the contribution is 200,000 USD and 25,000 USD for each additional dependent.

    Investing in real estate option

    The minimum amount of investment is 200,000 USD
    The citizen must keep the investment for a period of three years to maintain the citizen status.
    Legal services fee: 35,000 USD

    State fees

    • Investor/Primary applicant: 25,000 USD
    • primary applicant + spouse: 35,000 USD
    • Family up to four people: 35,000 USD
    • Family up to six people: 50,000 USD
    • Family up to seven people or more dependents: 70,000 USD

    Through the real estate option, the investor receives

    • Tangible assets
    • Profit on investment in the form of dividends
    • Profit on investment in the form of resale
    • Continuous connection to the country
    • Certified copy of passport
    • Birth Certificate (certified copy for all applicants)
    • Clean Police Conduct from the country of birth and state of residence
    • Professional reference
    • Two personal references
    • Marriage or Divorce certificate (if applicable)
    • Bank reference letter
    • Letter of employment (if applicable)
    • Audited financial statements for business (if applicable)
    • College or University Diploma (notarized)
    • Declaration of source of funds or Affidavit
    • Recent tax return
    • CV
    • Detailed business background summary
    • 8 passport size photos for each applicant