Cyprus is a beautiful island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. The country is known for the highest number of sunny hours in Europe and is one of the most developing economies of the EU Member State.

  • Population


  • Surface Area


Investors and entrepreneurs will find it very welcoming to do business and prosper in a transparent and efficient legal based market.
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  • Official Language

    Greek and Turkish

  • Currency


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  • Religion

    Greek Orthodox

  • Visa-Free travel to

    173 countries without visa or visa upon arrival

Advantages of Cyprus Citizenship

  • Freedom to travel in 173 countries without an entry visa, including Canada.
  • Cyprus is the only EU Member State, that allows you to become a citizen in a half year time.

    Other jurisdictions require different temporary or permanent resident status, before granting the passport for investors.

  • Citizens of Cyprus can live, work or study in any other EU Member States.
  • The spouse and children, up to the age of 28, can obtain the Cypriot citizenship together with the primary applicant.
  • There is no requirement to stay in Cyprus as a citizen.
  • The Cyprus investment citizenship can generate profit.
  • Citizenship can be passed to the next generations.
  • Cyprus allows dual citizenship.
Cyprus By Citizenship

Contribution to the state option

  • An investment in property (real estate, land development, infrastructure projects) of at least 500,000 EUR
  • An investment of at least 1.500.000 EUR in real estate, government bonds or the alternative investment fund.

The investment options can be combined, but the amount of investment must reach two million euros. The total value of the purchased government bonds can be a maximum of half a million euros.

Additionally, there are two mandatory donations:

  • 75,000 EUR to the Research and Innovation Foundation, and
  • 75,000 EUR contribution to the Cyprus Land Development Corporation to be used for affordable housing.

An essential requirement of the investors’ immigration scheme is that investor must obtain the residence permit of Cyprus, six months before receiving the Cypriot citizenship. To maintain the EU citizenship, the investors must keep the investment for five years.

  • Copy of Passport
  • Two Passport Photos
  • C.V. (in English and signed by the applicant).
  • Clean Criminal Record from the country of origin and also from the country of Residence (if possible). In English and must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Cyprus Embassy.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Proof of investment